Mural Festival 2022 Recap 


WHO: 5 National Artists, 1 Local Artist Collective, & Art Vendors, helping us PAINT THE downTOWN!

WHAT: 6 large-scale murals, enhanced ArtWalk, FOOD TRUCKS, live music, chalk the block, and more!

WHEN: Friday, June 3rd, 5:30-9pm AND Saturday, June 4th, 3-7pm

WHERE: Lomax St. Peoples St., La Retama Park and various buildings in downtown!

WHY: To add to the vibrancy of downtown and celebrate all things art!

Enjoy the first look at the murals coming to the heART of Downtown!

Artist: Jason Tetlak

“Fair is Fair”

To the naked eye this mural spells out “Corpus Christi” but when viewed with a red lens, the message changes to read “Fair is Fair.” The inspiration for this piece comes from the film “The Legend of Billie Jean” which was shot in the golden mid-1980s in Corpus Christi.

Artist: Rafael Blanco

“Born to Fly”

“Born to Fly” is created to honor and celebrate the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station. The mission of Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Texas, is to provide the best possible service & facilities to our customers with pride.

Artist: Phoebe Joynt

“Sea Breeze”

“Sea Breeze” was created to emphasize the beach town vibes that Corpus Christi encompasses. It has abstract hints to the fun activities that attract people to Corpus Christi with a sailboat, the new Harbor Bridge, & silhouetted figures playing in the surf.


Artist: Nekoda Witsken

“Pups on Broadway”

Nekoda’s goal of this piece is to emphasize the downtown culture, & connect the community. She hopes this will encourage people to enjoy the outdoors of downtown by walking your dog to visit the murals.


*QR Code for the Artivive App for Her.mosa’s Mural*

Artist: Her.mosa Collective

“La Galeria”

“La Galeria” showcases the vibrancy and culture in downtown by bringing the thriving art scene of Corpus Christi outdoors. This is an interactive mural; by using the Artivive app, viewers will be able to play the animated AR layers, taking the 2D work into a virtual 3D experience.

Mural Fest MAP