Who We Are

The Corpus Christi Downtown Management District (DMD) is the organization that manages the Marina Arts District. DMD, established in 1993, is a professional Downtown Management District representing property owners and stakeholders within the area. Additionally, the DMD also services the Tax Increment Revitalization Zone #3.  The Downtown Management District is responsible for providing enhanced cleaning, beautification and safety services, develop and improve the district, market and promote the district, events and businesses and address critical issues that affect the success of the District and greater Downtown area on behalf of our stakeholders and the community. 

                                                                      2021-2022 Fiscal Year Impact Report

                                                                      2022-2023 Service Plan

                                                                      2022-2026 Five Year Strategic Plan

                                                                      2020-2021 Annual Report

                                                                      2021-2022 Service Plan

                                                                      2019-2020 Annual Report

                                                                      2020 – 2021 Service Plan

                                                                      2019 – 2020 Service Plan

                                                                      2018 – 2019 Annual Report

                                                                      2017 – 2018 Annual Report

Marina Arts District

The Marina Arts District is the rebranded neighborhood that the Downtown Management District is based on. The District is bounded by Kinney Street to I-37, and Lower Broadway to the Corpus Christi Marina L and T-Heads. In 2013, the property owners voted to renew the district through 2023.  In 2015, DMD led stakeholders through a branding process naming this destination as the Marina Arts District while retaining DMD to refer to the organization and the programs and services we provide.


Greater Downtown Corpus Christi

Reinvestment Zone
The Downtown Reinvestment Zone was created in 2008 and is a geographic-based economic development tool that provides incentives and funding for revitalization services.

The geographic region includes:

Designated a Cultural District in 2016
Downtown Corpus Christi is recognized as the heartbeat of the City’s art, culture, music, and culinary scene and is anchored by a rich collection of cultural, art, entertainment, and recreational venues and hotels that attract visitors and residents alike. Downtown includes a number of unique, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods that are a short walk or 5-minute drive from each other including:


Corporate Leadership Circle

The Downtown Management District’s Corporate Leadership Circle is a group of Regional Corporate anchors in partnership with the City of Corpus Christi and area stakeholders who together are taking ownership in the future of our community. Investors understand the role that revitalization plays in the economic and social success of a community.

The following investment levels are available:

            To learn more about the DMD’s Corporate Leadership Circle, click here.



Business Association

The Downtown Business Association a collaborative working group of more than 40 restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, art businesses and professional service businesses that pool resources to increase sales and enhance the Downtown experience by:

  To learn more about the DMD’s Business Association, click here.