April 20, 2021

A vacancy has opened up on the DMD Board and we are seeking nominations for the Board of Directors. 

To be considered for the board individuals must submit a letter of interest by 5:00 p.m., April 30, 2021 that includes:

  1. Verification of eligibility (if representing a property owner, a letter from the property owner)
  2. Description of interest
  3. Resume

Submit to:
Erica Tamez
Executive Assistant & Special Projects Coordinator



This district is created and formed under the terms and conditions of “TITLE 12 (Municipal Management District), provisions of Chapter 375, Article III, Section 52, Article XVI, Section 59, Article III, Section 52-a of Texas Constitution and of the Local Government Code by State Statute and is a governmental agency, a body politic and corporate, and a political subdivision of the State of Texas.  As such, it must operate in accordance with the enabling legislation as well as comply with the specific laws relating to political subdivisions, the general laws and Constitution of the State of Texas and many federal laws and requirements. The DMD shall have all the rights, powers, privileges, authority, and functions conferred, and shall be subject to all duties imposed by the Texas Water Commission and the general laws of the State of Texas relating to municipal management districts.

DMD Board Eligibility

Only downtown real property owners in the charter designated area and those covered in Section 375.063, Local Government Code, are eligible to be members of the Board of Directors of the DMD. No person shall be eligible to be elected to nor shall any person serve on the Board of Directors whose taxes or assessments are more than sixty days delinquent or who owns or who has an ownership interest in an entity or trust whose taxes or assessments are more than sixty days delinquent or who is an agent, employee, or tenant of a person described above whose taxes or assessments are more than sixty days delinquent to the Corpus Christi Downtown Management District. Each person serving as a Director who is not a property owner but serves by virtue of having an ownership interest in an entity or trust owning property or as an agent, employee, or tenant of a property owner shall file and maintain at the District office documentation evidencing such person’s qualification for office.  Any such delinquency or failure to maintain documentation shall be considered a failure to carry out the duties of the person serving as a member of the Board of Directors. [Revised 8/9/07]


To be qualified to serve as a director, a person must be at least 18 years old and:

                        (1)  a resident of the district;                                             

                        (2)  an owner of property in the district;                                   

 (3)  an owner of stock, whether beneficial or otherwise, of a corporate owner of property in the district;

(4)  an owner of a beneficial interest in a trust that owns property in the district;  or

                        (5)  an agent, employee, or tenant of a person covered by (2), (3), or (4) above.

Added by Acts 1991, 72nd Leg., ch. 16, Sec. 13.05(a), eff. Aug. 26, 1991.  

Per the Texas Local Government Code, succeeding directors are chosen through the recommendation of the board and the approval of the City Council.

DMD Boundaries

The Corpus Christi Downtown Management District is a professional downtown management district representing property owners within the area bounded by Kinney Street to I-37, and Lower Broadway to the T-Heads.

11a2. Public Notice for Board of Directors Nominations