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Mayor's Merriest Business Registration Form

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The Downtown Management District is committed to ensuring Downtown Corpus Christi is a premier holiday destination for family and friends throughout the 2023 holiday season. Each year, businesses located in Downtown Corpus Christi take on the battle of installing the best holiday décor in hopes of winning a title in the Mayor’s Merriest Downtown Décor Contest, sponsored by AEP Texas.

During the competition, businesses decorate their establishment in anticipation of judging from the Judge’s panel and the local community for the opportunity to win a title and a chance to collect a cash prize!  

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  • All participants must submit a registration form.
  • Decoration must include the exterior of the building except for storefront windows that are viewable from the sidewalk.
  • Participants in the Best Window Paint category must incorporate lights into the display.  The display should be visible from the street at night.
  • Businesses must keep their decorations up and lights on beginning December 2nd through January 1st to be eligible.
  • Lights should be turned on no later than 5 pm every evening.
  • Participants can only win one cash prize.

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  • Registration opens online on Monday, August 16th.
  • Registration closes Monday, November 12th.
  • Decorations must be displayed by Thursday, December 2nd by 5:00 pm.
  • Judging will take place on Friday, December 2nd.
  • Trophies will be awarded at the first City Council meeting in 2024.


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2023 Awarded Titles and Prizes
  • Best Use of Lights ($500 prize)
  • Best Window: Display ($500 prize)
  • Best Window: Decor ($500 prize)
  • Best Interiors ($500 prize)
  • Best Exteriors ($500 prize)
  • Holiday Champion ($1,000 prize)

*Participants can only win one award.

Prizes are sponsored by AEP Texas!