CCDMD is looking for a vendor to provide power washing and general cleaning services for the 2 miles of Seawall located on Shoreline Blvd between The Art Museum in the North and Magee Beach in the South.

  • An initial deep clean of the sidewalk will be required.
  • Ongoing, a daily Monday through Friday schedule of washing will be required.
    • We anticipate that the entire length of the Seawall will be treated 26 times each year.
  • Power washing and maintenance duties shall include:
  • Hot power washing of sidewalk (2 miles by 20 feet wide)
    • Including reclamation of water to ensure no pollution of the Bay.
  • Cold power washing of the Seawall steps leading down to the Bay.
  • Removal of gum and graffiti from the sidewalk and Miradors.

Click here for the full RFP and directions for submitting proposals.