Corpus Christi, Tx. –Mayor Paulette Guajardo, Corpus Christi Medical Center (CCMC), and the Corpus Christi Downtown Management District (CCDMD), are excited to announce Mayor Paulette Guajardo’s ¡Iluminando! Downtown Initiative that will permanently install lighting on 100 trees along the historic Chaparral Street in Downtown Corpus Christi.

Mayor Paulette Guajardo’s ¡Iluminando! Downtown Initiative, presented by CCMC, is an initiative that will add lighting along Chaparral Street to amplify the downtown experience, enhance safety, and draw more visitors to the downtown area.

“The ¡Iluminando! Initiative, which will light up approximately 100 trees in our downtown, will not only beautify the area, but it will add to the safety of our residents and visitors. I can’t wait to promenade on Chaparral Street with my family under six-blocks of gleaming lights,” said Mayor Paulette M. Guajardo. “I am so proud to partner with the Downtown Management District and Corpus Christi Medical Center to make Chaparral Street a premier destination in Corpus Christi.”

“We are very pleased to support the Mayor’s initiative in partnership with the Corpus Christi Downtown Management District,” said Eric Evans, CEO at CCMC. “Our patients, their families and our colleagues live and work in our community and Corpus Christi Medical Center is committed to making a positive impact within the communities we serve.”

As the Downtown Advisory Council’s newest member, the CCMC has enabled the CCDMD to implement this much needed improvement with the installation of expandable, permanent lights on the 100 trees along Chaparral Street. The lights will brighten and elevate six blocks of the City’s original main street and will light all the trees from Twigg Street to Lomax Street.

“We are so grateful Mayor Paulette Guajardo and Corpus Christi Medical Center are bringing these lights to our historic main street,” said Alyssa Barrera Mason, Executive Director of the Downtown Management District. “During the holidays, we heard the communities desire to make the Chaparral tree lights permanent. We are thrilled to be able to make this dream come true!”

Mayor Paulette Guajardo’s Chaparral Street Lighting Ceremony presented by Corpus Christi Medical Center will take place on Friday, July 2, 2021, at 6:45 p.m. at the corner of Lomax Street and Chaparral Street.