When we first came up with the idea of creating a limited-edition commemorative ornament, we knew immediately that we wanted to partner with a local designer. Garrett Huls of Huls Design has an extensive array of clients spans from local shops such as Made in Corpus Christi and Jewels to the QUAD Fitness and Que Bueno Taco Festival. Arguably, his most notable accomplishment to date is being the Senior Graphic Designer of the San Antonio Spurs. Our in house graphic designer and Marketing Assistant, Savannah Garza, sat down with him and asked him about his experience, love of Downtown Corpus Christi and more. Check it out!

What’s your favorite part of the holidays in Downtown Corpus Christi?

One of our favorite parts of downtown Corpus Christi during the holidays is how everything is themed out. Growing up, I always liked to go downtown to see the illuminated tree, the t-heads, and all of the decorated boats in the marina. Now, we enjoy going to the holiday markets.

Here at the DMD, we are big believers that everybody can play a role in being a “co-creator” of our city. Though you’ve moved up the road to San Antonio, do you see yourself as a co-creator in our community’s vision of Corpus? Especially the creative community?

Of course. I was born and raised in Corpus Christi. We still go back very often since the majority of our family lives there. There wasn’t much of a creative scene when I moved back to CC from Houston in 2009, so it’s exciting to see more opportunities open up and to be at the forefront of a creative community. 

What was the experience like creating an ornament that captures our city during the holidays?

Adri and I were thrilled and honored to be asked to create such an iconic piece for Corpus Christi. We brainstormed a few different options and decided to include some of our favorite things about downtown. We also wanted to create a nighttime landscape of the city, something that you don’t see very often. The way the lights and the moon reflect off the water is something special you don’t get to see anywhere else. 

If you had to pick your top 3 favorite things about Downtown Corpus Christi, what are they and why? (Can be businesses, events, scenery, streets, art, etc!)

#1: I gotta say the scenery is probably our favorite, and I’m sure most people would agree! It’s just so nostalgic. We really like the events too, that’s our #2 pick! The Día de Los Muertos festival and monthly ArtWalks were two that we looked forward to all the time. Our #3 pick is the baseball games at Whataburger Field. We’re big Hooks fans, and nothing looks nicer than the fireworks going off after a big win! 

What are some other notable designs you’ve done for events or businesses in Downtown Corpus Christi?

We branded the first-ever Que Bueno Taco Fest, designed an indoor mural, menus, and promo material for House Of Rock, a limited edition poster for Fiesta de la Flor VIP members, the Downtown Management District mirador logo, and now the DMD holiday ornaments. We love getting new creative projects from Corpus Christi and look forward to many more! 

Our 2020 Commemorative Holiday Ornament designed by Garrett is available here! Downtown Corpus Christi is full of creatives ready to make their mark on this world and we are honored to have partnered with such an amazing team to create something truly special for our community.