Beginning this year, the Downtown Management District will present Achievement Awards at their Annual State of Downtown to celebrate individuals, businesses, events, and initiatives that have made significant contributions towards creating the most vibrant downtown on the Gulf of Mexico and have left a positive impact on Downtown Corpus Christi.

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! Check Back on Friday, January 21 to learn the winners. 

Learn more about each category below! 

The Downtowner of the Year

The Downtowner of the Year recognizes an extraordinary individual whose involvement, contributions and services has contributed to the growth, vitality, and overall progression of Downtown.  This individual has volunteered their time, pursued new initiatives, promoted the downtown experience, and has contributed to the overall vitality of Downtown Revitalization.


  1. Casey Lain – Adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic with interactive activities to preserve the vibrant culture of downtown. 
  2. Clay Reuter – Continued to find new ways to connect art back to the community, such as Third Thursday’s. 
  3. Michelle Smythe – Paved new ways for the creative community to blossom in Downtown. 
  4. Monica Ellison – Created the Peoples Market, a market for the People by the People! 
  5. Brandon Harper – Provided support for community memebers during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the 2021 freeze
  6. David Nuss – Enhanced the Grow Local Farmers’ Market and provided essential resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  
  7. Adam Hinojosa – Enhanced the People’s Street Block Party during the First Friday ArtWalk. 
  8. Richard Lomax – Opened 2 New Businesses Downtown, moving the culinary scene forward. 
  9. Nick Gignac – Assisted in Artesian Park & downtown development while continually providing support whenever a design professional is needed no matter how crazy the idea is or how long the it takes.  
  10. Glenn Peterson – Stepped up as DMD Board Chair before expected and shares resources and expertise’s to move Downtown forward.


Best New Business

The Best New Business is awarded to a business or organization for pioneering true success in establishing a presence in Downtown Corpus Christi. This includes new businesses offering new attractions or historic buildings that have been transformed to steadily add vibrancy to the district.  Included in this category is recognition for new efforts, creative and unique achievements.


  1. COMMONS General Store
  2. Produce Art Gallery
  3. Elizabeth’s
  4. Water Street Gardens
  5. The Chamberlain
  6. AAdi
  7. Visit Corpus Christi – Information Center 
  8. Downtown Carwash Club
  9. Muse Bistro
  10. Frost Bank
  11. Knightstorm Production Studio 


Best Downtown Event

The Best Downtown Event is award to an event that has contributed to the image of downtown, was a successful economic driver, and created unique opportunities for locals and visitors to embody the culture of Downtown Corpus Christi. This includes events, performances, street activations, or creative programming.  


  1. The People’s Market
  2. People’s Street Block Party presented by Produce Studios
  3. Third Thursday Community Night
  4. The Good Market
  5. Dia de los Muertos
  6. The BUS Shop
  7. Loca for Local
  8. Surftoberfest
  9. Buc Days – Dunking of the Mayor
  10. Papercut Zine Fest 


Downtown Creative of the Year

The Downtown Creative of the Year is awarded to an individual who has been a trailblazer for the arts and creative culture found throughout Downtown Corpus Christi. This individual has contributed to downtown by installing art, creating an event for creatives to showcase their work, acted as a mentor for novice artists in the area, or has captured the culture of downtown through their work.   


  1. Cameron Walls – CamWalls Art
  2. El Dusty – Produce Sound Studio
  3. Ema Rodriguez – Weird Corpus
  4. Debbie Noble – Goddess Noble Photography 
  5. Kylie Cooper – The Bend Magazine 
  6. America Segura – Visit Corpus Christi 
  7. Monica Garcia – CC Bucket List Blog 
  8. Sarah Estrada – Styled by Sarah Blog
  9. Mayra Zamora – Miramayraart
  10. Milly V. – Milly Ventures Blog


Hospitality Hero of the Year

The Hospitality Hero of the Year is awarded to an individual who went above and beyond to maintain an excellent experience for locals and visitors enjoying Downtown Corpus Christi. This includes servers, cleaning crew, managers, hostesses, and any individual that provided friendly and generous hospitality.


  1. Jacob Sosa – House of Rock
  2. Juan, Block By Block – Clean Team
  3. Mary & Rick – Art Museum of South Texas
  4. Luis Contreras – Executive Surf Club
  5. Olivia Ramos – Muse Bistro
  6. Judith Perez – Chels Marie Boutique 
  7. Casey Ortiz – BUS
  8. Mariah Maldonado – Lucy’s Snackbar
  9. Jacob F. – Rebel Toad 
  10. Captain Monte – Harrison’s Landing