Corpus Christi, Tx. – The Corpus Christi Downtown Management District (CCDMD) invites Corpus Christians to partake in the Five-Year Strategic Planning Survey to share feedback on downtown services, current issues, and the overall quality of life downtown.

The CCDMD is currently working on a comprehensive five-year strategic plan that will update the framework the organization will be utilizing over the next five years. To ensure the CCDMD prioritizes the programs and initiatives to enhance the vibrancy of Downtown Corpus Christi, they are seeking public input.

The Five-Year Strategic Planning Survey will help the CCDMD obtain feedback from locals to help understand the current strengths and areas for improvement downtown to ensure the five-year strategic plan aligns with the values of the community. The survey also allows the CCDMD to make sure it is representing the community in decisions about programs, policies, and strategic plans.

All Corpus Christians are invited to share feedback via the online survey. Open survey participants must provide a zip code to submit the survey, this will ensure individuals privacy.

The Five-Year Strategic Planning Survey can be found here:

Please contact the DMD at with questions regarding the survey.